Deflation and cryptocurrency

deflation and cryptocurrency

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[VICA] Understanding Deflation in Cryptocurrency
Inflationary cryptocurrencies increase the token supply over time, while deflationary cryptocurrencies reduce or cap the supply. A deflationary asset is a digital or virtual currency designed to decrease in supply over time, leading to an increase in its value. The design of a deflationary cryptocurrency.
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Ultimately, deflationary cryptocurrencies, much like their inflationary counterparts, reflect the evolving dynamics of the digital economy. This post is from a series of posts in the group: Cryptocurrency Insights Trading crypto insights from the heart of the industry - the platform that delivers solutions and liquidity to institutions. Inflationary in the sense that the mining process increases the supply of coins. Inflationary Cryptocurrencies Within the astronomical milieu of the cryptocurrency universe, inflationary cryptocurrencies resemble celestial bodies in a constant state of expansion. Transactions are quick, scalable, and economical since it uses a proof of authority consensus process.