Leonhard kleiser eth zrich

leonhard kleiser eth zrich

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The simulation results reveal a wave propagation phenomenon in the McIntyre which describes the slow mass transport in the ocean which are in close interaction. Assuming that the stapes oscillates.

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0.00333728 btc to usd Obviously, there occur two different types of system responses which usually do not interact. Wave attenuation along the membranous labyrinth. The waves get attenuated along the canal due to the viscous damping properties of the fluids. Leonhard Kleiser Click the configuration bar to configure the display of this component. Block diagram displaying the transfer function circuit to model sound-induced vertigo in patients with SCD. The numerical simulation results have shown that in the presence of a SCD, stapes oscillation leads to traveling waves along the membranous labyrinth. Steady streaming in a two-dimensional box model of a passive cochlea.
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Highlights of 2017
Name, School, Year, Descendants. Mielke, Christian, ETH Zurich, Schlatter, Philipp, ETH Zurich, , 1. Schlegel, Regina, ETH Zurich, Leonhard Kleiser, Institut fur Fluiddynamik ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Nikolaus A. Adams, Institut fur Fluiddynamik ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Employees. Steffen. Leonhard Kleiser. High-resolution simulations of particle-driven gravity currents are presented. The study concentrates on dilute flows with.
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